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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 16:08

Visit the Association of Journalists Cakir

Visit the Association of Journalists Cakir
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Malatya Mayor Ahmet Cakir, not 400 million as claimed by the municipality , reported that around £ 250 million debt .

Malatya news: AK Party Provincial President
Mayor Ahmet Cakir Bulent TÜFENKÇİ and party leaders, Malatya Newspapers and broadcasters Society to'get better'made ​​the visit.
visiting speakers and press the Mayor Answering questions from members of Ahmet Cakir'a, before the final state of the public transport system will be put into service Trambus announced in November after June asked . Cakir, \"especially the night goes on test drives where there is little traffic. Will continue to be the end of November or trial run in December . We will take a short time in the service ,\"he said.
MHP former Provincial Chairman Arif Stars of the municipality's £ 400 million debt have claimed the response Cakir on the question , \"110 million TL has over debt from the mask. we had already spent 200 million debt. 8-10 million. we owe that to such companies . the market debt at around 20 million. Provinces our debt to the bank and bank of over 100 million . Therefore, we have 200 million to close the debt load. also, from the treatment plant , 10 years after the treatment plant to the treasury for that payment we owe 50 million. our time, we have no debt to the Treasury \"he said .
Cakir, the municipality's 200 million treatment plant from 50 million , including owed ​​a total of around £ 250 million with the debt to the Treasury said. the President
AK Party City Bülent TÜFENKÇİ , Malatya metropolitan by drawing attention to the patterns change with everyone, including members of the press particularly great responsibility in this regard stressed that the fall . Tüfienkç is , \"with the press , civil society organizations , in unity and solidarity with the officials to Malatya brand town we always want to bring along ,\"he said .
The newspaper and President of broadcasters Society Michael Pelita , \"the AK Party Provincial Chairman Bülent TÜFENKÇİ gentlemen news easily ulaşabildik.başarıl is about getting passes the provincial presidency . There is a problem in the city , especially in traffic . we hope that will be corrected in the missing and I hope the next process. There are beautiful works of the municipality. is celebrating the president therefore , we thank you , \"he said .


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