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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 16:01

President of the Association of Kars Arpaçay Toltar Visits

President of the Association of Kars Arpaçay Toltar Visits
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Kars is in the process of establishment of new management Dilovası Arpaçay Association Toltar Mayor Ali visited his office.

Kocaeli news:
Dilovası Mayor Ali Tolteca is , the district will establish new management Kars Arpaçay Abbas Aqsa Association , Moses Karabulak , Hilmi Lion, Nizamettin accommodated in the ashtray , and Mahmoud Karabulak office. President Tolteca is a time chatting with guests , Dilovası to be established and wished success in the work of Kars Arpaçay association management . Met with associations in the district as required by the Social municipality , they exchanged information regarding the district president Tolteca stating , \"supports the association of the work of local governments is important. We are trying to plan the association presidents and future met with the management of common ideas. In association planned the new committee I hope to be beneficial , \"he said .
everyone to live as brothers of the priority tasks , indicating that the country is to protect the territorial integrity Dilovası Mayor Ali Tolteca is , \"We are one of the party , his country , we do not differentiate according to their views . We are there for everyone to equal service. that is why employees for this country , defending the truth and rights not violated the law , I'm always ready to work with all organizations that serve humanity. Because a country , forces coalesce, grow , \"he is to be established Dilovası Kars Arpaçay association and said other will support the association.

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