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Honey League

Honey League
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Regional Amateur Football League (BAL ) 3. Group responsible for the technical team from Malatya Yeşilyurtspor Cihangir Serkan Meric, said the group would be fearful team.

Malatya news: across a Photo Elazığ Yolsp fought the good fight they only pitch 1 point stating that they separated Meric, \"Two saw the best teams struggle. We exhibited struggle on the upper level . Every match got going through it actually . with young players in Elazığ Yolspor . As such, the upper we have demonstrated levels of performance. we did thereupon all of our work . they slowly took over that of psychology on my football . I regained self-confidence . a statistic kept in Assistant lecturers match . we superior to Elazig Yolspor everything in the game up to 85 minutes. End to 5 minutes We ate in a corner of the net. 3 minutes after a corner kick this one goal we have found. of course, football is a bug in the game. after Golden even have our position 2 one hundred percent goal . it was really 1 point too low. We could have won this match . after the match, missed 3 points the most we grieve , \"he said .
noted that they perform better with each passing day Meric, said:\"the children have prepared themselves mentally. Physics as we are preparing them . I say each time. I am speaking as an individual individually. We will no longer lose the match inside. We will try to bring as many points as we can bring the outside in . Thus we remove ourselves to a higher ranking . I'm talking before every workout. We will lose the match inside. Teams will be a nightmare . \"Photo Meric , Şanlıurfa Karaköprü FC won the match , saying they wanted a good way to continue on their way , \"I watched the Karaköprü FC match . Was a tough match with Dersimspor . They beat us as really low . They got 3 players from Elazığ Yolspor pre-season one. Karaköprü a young and struggling team that Belediyespor'da . I think that late in a nice fight in this match . But again, we will be victorious in the inside side we came . 1 I fertilize it during the week . I trust infinitely to my players , \"he said .

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