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  • 08 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 11:08

Çelikhan State Hospital was modernized

Çelikhan State Hospital was modernized
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Renovated emergency department and outpatient clinic of the hospital Çelikhan modern form was submitted to the service of citizens.

Adıyaman news: Photo modernization efforts initiated in the years past Çelikhan State Hospital Emergency Department Services branch clinic was opened with a ceremony . The ceremony Adiyaman Governor Mahmoud Demirtas, MPs Murtaza Yetis , Salih Euphrates , District Governor Adem Kaya , Provincial General Assembly President Saleh Shah , Çelikhan Mayor Mustafa Bulut , Provincial Health Director Emin Stone, the Association of Public Hospitals Secretary General Huseyin Sen , Çelikhanl citizens with health care workers participated in . Photo Ceremony in Çelikhan State Hospital Chief Specialist Doctor Agah Bahadir Ozturk by participating hospitals was made a short presentation about other studies with physical and infrastructure work . indicating whether a service only people given the Photo Healthcare Association of Public hospitals General Secretary Dr. Huseyin Sen in his speech, \"although the move human basis of this work, physical spaces finer the people who came to receive the quality service we offer to man will be so elevated and services is evident by the numbers how much of this demand. Despite the increase in Çelikhan population , the number of people coming to the examination is increasing every day . Health Department as currently all serious efforts to Turkey across the physical spaces do qualified hospitals can receive treatment in accordance with human dignity is maintained , \"he said .
a modern hospital in point gain to Çelikhan labor that Governor Mahmoud Demirtas'a and Adiyaman MPs to thanking Çelikhan Mayor Mustafa Bulut , \"Mr visit our Çelikhan district governor of our within a week , listening over our problems we are happy . I thank everyone who took part in the regeneration point in our hospital,\"he said. prettier than the Photo Çelikhan district the deputy Salih Euphrates , indicating that it is worthy to serve , \"During the presentation of the old hospital as a physician and I was very pleased when I saw the new version . Fifty percent of treatment is psychological . When a patient met face and laughed when he went to a doctor and a hospital began to fifty percent of the treatment is already happening . We would also have completed fifty percent of the treatment in a way, when we look into our new modern hospital . Çelikhanl Our citizens deserve the finest of services. Drinking and irrigation water have been waiting for years Çelihan continue our work in solving the problem. Hopefully, by identifying with the needs of the Çelikhan then , we will solve together. I hope that this hospital we're also beneficial to our Çelikhanl citizens , \"he said. The Photo deputy Murtaza Yetis , that the transformation process in Turkey experienced in many areas and especially saving the transformation in the health field that much more sharp and distinctive walk , \"which best reflects the conversion application in health and in the province of Adiyaman is possible to say that the implementation of the first five . The point where we are today better than many cities in the healthcare field. Placing a television in the patient room in Ankara today , even when an issue today, our town hemodialysis unit Steel Plant , one of our county in the most remote corners of our Adıyaman'ı , health services at home , so a modern emergency unit and so to gain a modern patient rooms really made us all proud . I wish the best to our Çelikhanl the citizens of this hospital , \"he said . Photo Çelikhan State Hospital Hospital Chief because they provide a modern vision health organization in the speech congratulated the employees started governor Mahmut if Demirtas,\"very beautiful things , even with the little touches after requesting the Son of Man be made. We Adiyaman and Çelikhanl we can satisfy our citizens , then it's not that hard to satisfy our human thing. Even a little effort , I think we can do a lot . Both our country is experiencing very rapid change and transformation both in Adiyaman . In the health field , as in many other areas of very experienced significant changes and transformations. Today dialysis unit in exchange Çelikhan means that if you have a serious reforms achieved in our district . These services primarily to our city and our citizens who contributed to the number of Başbakanımıza submission point , I would like to thank the Minister and our city to our MPs . Very substantial investment Çelikhan We implement our district . They all get pretty Çelikhanl of our lawful citizens. In Çelikhan center with a religious high schools are doing a student hostel for 200 people . I predict that investment in both completed and put into service at the end of this year. By our three village schools in Çelikhan more than that it was put into service in these investments . Again, the place previously used as a school in our village passing the slightest touch with Scouts in maintenance and repair , we have provided a total of 8 teachers to use as our lodgings . God will make a fortune if housing with 12 apartments in a new building safety services to our Çelikhan district . If we take this investment program in 2015, we have done a good service to Çelikhan . Contributed to the making of these services, I thank everyone who has said additive , beneficial to our renewed our hospital also Çelikhanl citizens and I wish to be auspicious , \"he said .
Carried out after the speech Governor Mahmud by Demirtas and MPs Çelikhan State Hospital opening of branch clinics and Emergency Departments was held. After the opening clinics were visited. Photo (KA-VSA-Y) Photo .


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