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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 16:31

Bem-the one you think it Ashura Break

Bem-the one you think it Ashura Break
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Association of Municipalities and Local Authorities Workers Union ( BEM-A-SEN) Malatya Branch , Yeşilyurt Municipality and MAS employees and offered to asure front Yeşilyurt Municipality .

Malatya news: Beer Speaking at a Photo Ashura program-a-Sen Malatya Branch Chairman Hanif Acar, \"Muharram date is a month where there are many important events . Based on our belief after Ramadan is one of our Muharram important months. Muharram actually have that pain reminded us Hz . Hussein is the master of our testimony. this testimony, we will not forget . Because this testimony persecution is a revolt . as we have experienced throughout history that we will continue to transfer on to our next generation , \"he said .
Acar,\"our goal in our Ashura on the house as a fusion with another vaccine dozens here we provide cohesion. the pleasure of serving our Malatya, we have lived together here. centuries-long this tradition , I wish to be conducive to the consolidation of our unity and solidarity , \"he said . the
MAS that Özgür Özdemir, \"Ashura unity and solidarity means . this is beautiful I would like to thank everyone in the organization , \"he said .
Yesilyurt Haji Uğur Polat Mayor in his speech , \"which means in Arabic on the Ashura . The coming together of ten food is to create a new taste. Ashura reinforce our unity and solidarity , is already an indication of this in an environment where we saw . Lord health then , nice aşuresi within health and appetite are bestowed to show us. \"Yeşilyurt Municipality behind a Photo Speech and MAS employees were offered to Ashura .
Ashura program Yesilyurt Mayor Haji Uğur Polat , MAS that Özgür Ozdemir, Bem-Bir-Sen Malatya Branch Chairman Hanif Acer , MAS of Department Heads, Yesilyurt Deputy Mayors , Yesilyurt Councillors , Mukhtar , Department Manager , Trade Unions, and joined the Municipal employees.


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