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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 10:25

Architectural Aesthetics Committee is being established in Çukurova

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Çukurova Municipality , the district's beautiful , and make efforts for Architecture to look more aesthetically pleasing aesthetic Commission is established.

Adana news:
Soner Çetin President's proposal on the agenda of the Çukurova City Council , Planned Area Type experts in the field in accordance with Regulation gave the President the authority to establish Soner Çetin Architectural Aesthetics Committee of five people . President Cetin, \"Expert of the project and taking into account their views , listening to the people, we want to beautify the Çukurova in cooperation with the necessary Metropolitan . The electric poles specially designed pot and into the flowers , let's , you seem concrete in the Ugur Mumcu Street'nice balcony contest \"let's ,\"he said .
world Town Planning Day, members spoke MHP emphasis Tariq Kılıçarslan , Paris, Vienna , Cannes, Hollywood , Prague, Monte Carlo and come forward with the different characteristics of cities such as Las Vegas and said, \"Paris'e is not in vain to go to 20 million tourists every year , \"he said . Burhanettin from
CHP members of the cloud, \"a city meydansız unthinkable \"expressed the view that Hemant Colak,'right to the city'and the'right to housing'stood on , Huseyin Kilinc while drawing attention to the excessive urbanization \"Agriculture crashes ,\"he said .

Architectural Aesthetics Committee is being established in Çukurova" comments for.


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